• Experience the Fusion of Fire + Music

    Introducing the First Ever Fire Pit that
    Responds to Your Music.

The Ultimate in Outdoor Entertainment

Our mission is to transform your parties, bbq’s, and relaxing evenings with revolutionary fire products. Our patent pending, dancing fire pit with dancing flame technology is the first to be brought to your backyard. This technology allows you to experience your favorite songs like never before as the flames dance to the music. Having fun together is a pillar of our family, and we want to extend that to yours.

Set Your Music Ablaze

Product Features

Dancing Flame Technology™

Our patent pending, industry first, sound visualization burner creates a precise fire-to-sound reaction that dynamically represents the sound of the music with flames.

Bluetooth® Capable & More

Easily sync with any Bluetooth® device and stream music. Additionally, an auxiliary input provides you even more connection options.

Driven By Science

The flames “dance” due to variations in air pressure caused by different sound waves.

Simple Fuel System

Our dancing fire pits are capable of using either propane or natural gas as a fuel source depending on the chosen model.

Are You Ready for the Fusion of Fire + Sound?

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