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Currently there is only two options available. An all-in-one model that is ready to use and a construction model that can be finished with a custom surround.

Our all-in-one model has external dimensions of 34" x 34" x 24" high. The final width with the countertop is 38". There is a 19” x 19” or 24” x 24” option available for the burner. The 19” x 19” burner works with natural gas as a fuel sorce.

The burner has exposed top dimensions of 25” x 25”and is 1½ inches tall. The depth, to the bottom of the synchronization tube, is 18”.

Currently, the Blazing Beats burner only comes as a square unit, and only in one size. Over time, additional shapes and sizes will likely be added.

The fire pit is designed to work with two 5-gallon propane (20 lb) tanks, the standard size that can be bought at any hardware store. All hoses and connections are included for these two propane tanks. It should not be used with just one tank. It is important that tanks be bought, used, and replaced at the same time as propane needs to be at the same level for your fire pit to work properly. If you have a larger propane tank, such as a 100-gallon or a 500-gallon tank, you can pipe the propane directly into the fire pit, instead of using the smaller propane tanks. You will likely need a second stage regulator to bring up the pressure to what is needed to run the unit, which should be installed by a professional. Additionally, the 19” x 19” burner also works with natural gas.

Currently, the Blazing Beats only works with propane gas; however, a natural gas version is under development and is expected by late 2016.

The audio system (not the burner) for the all-in-one model requires a battery. The system is designed to work with a 12V battery, such as one used to power an ATV, UTV, snowmobile, or moped. Your all-in-one unit also comes with a trickle-charger to keep the battery charged.

Because the Blazing Beats unit is built with marine audio parts, to ensure weather durability – the electronics are designed to work with a 12V battery. In order to convert the audio to a traditional 110-watt outlet requires a power inverter. Blazing Beats offers a plug-in option built with a military-grade water-proof 30-amp power inverter for an additional charge.

Blazing Beats has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Electronics warranty is void if customer modifies electrical system components.

Blazing Beats utilizes USA materials and manufacturing wherever possible. Except for the electronics, all Blazing Beats parts are made in the USA, including the fire synchronization tube, burner, steel surround, and all gas components. Blazing Beats units are assembled in the USA.

In 1905 Heinrich Rubens wrote a paper in the Annalen der Physik that discussed a demonstration of a standing sound wave in flammable gas which would become known as the “Rubens Tube.” In a Rubens Tube, the flames “dance” based on variations in air pressure caused by sound waves, as described by Bernoulli’s equation. Blazing Beats is a two-dimensional version of the “Ruben’s Tube” – optimized for maximum visual responsiveness.

Blazing Beats’ technology is patent pending.

No. While there is a central valve that allows the user to modify the standing height of the flames, this is the only valve. The flames dance because of the music itself, not due to the opening and closing of valves.

Because Blazing Beats works by sound wave physics, rather than pre-programmed routines – there are an infinite number of songs that will play on a Blazing Beats system. Any audio source fed into the speaker will cause the flames to dance.

Yes. All fire pits come with a key to adjust the flame height.

Yes. If you do not have the internal speaker on (either because you are not playing music, or because you elect to turn off that speaker) your Blazing Beats burner will still provide flames. Thus, will act similar to a normal fire pit. You can still adjust the height of the flame using the integrated key.

We recommend that the fire pit stay 6 feet from home, and in some areas, code requires a larger distance such as 10 feet. It should not be placed under any awnings, ceilings, or trees. For outdoor use only. You are responsible for local code compliance.

It should be fine on a deck, so long as there is a 6ft set-back from any combustible material, and nothing overhead (or within 6ft of overhead). You are responsible for local code compliance.

The fire pit should not need any regular maintenance, other than keeping it clean. You should always leave the unit with the cover on it to avoid debris from clogging the surface, and to avoid rain water entering the burner.

Water may impact the flow of the sound into the fire synchronization tube. There is a valve on the bottom of the fire synchronization tube with a plug in it, which can be opened to remove the water. If this is done, the plug must be screwed back on with propane safe Teflon tape.

The burner will darken due to the thermos cycling on the stainless steel surface. There is nothing wrong with the product or the burner, this is a natural byproduct of the flames. You may wipe down the top with a damp rag, but should not use any cleaning agent, as it could clog the tiny perforations in the top of the burner.

It is normal, in fact is was engineered to swell and shrink due to the thermal cycle. It will go back to being flat when it cools down.

You should not cook food over the burner; it is not designed for this purpose.

As long as the item that has clogged them is flammable (99.9% of the time), the hole should free up naturally as the heat of the flames “cooks” the item blocking the hole. Do not use any cleaning agent, as this will likely just exacerbate the problem as the cleaner may clog the tiny perforations in the top of the burner.

The internal speaker is a 6.5” 300-watt speaker which is directed up the fire-synchronization tube and into the burner to modify the flames. For units with an exterior speaker, it is a marine-grade 300-watt speaker.

The unit comes with a single high quality external speaker, which is sufficient for the vast majority of users. Blazing Beats offers a second speaker option for users seeking a fuller sound. Alternatively, users can add their own speakers to their Blazing Beats.

Yes, you can add additional speakers to the unit.

Yes, Blazing Beats can be hooked into an existing home audio system with common speaker wire, so long as the audio system will not exceed the demands of a 300-watt speaker (this would cause the speaker to blow, and would not be covered by a warranty).

The system is not ready, out of the box, to be hooked into a home audio system as an additional Bluetooth speaker. However, if desired, with a little expense, an audio technician should be able to make this work.

Yes, as long as the Karaoke machine has an output which can be tied into the audio system. Because any audio source will cause the flames to dance, if you hook a Karaoke machine up to the Blazing Beats system, the flames will dance to your singing.

Yes, as long as the electric guitar has an output which can be tied into the audio system. Because any audio source will cause the flames to dance, if you hook an electric guitar up to the Blazing Beats system, the flames will dance to your guitar playing.

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